North America RNG: 5 questions answered
21 September 2023

As a low-carbon alternative to conventional natural gas, renewable natural gas (RNG), or biomethane, has the potential to play a useful role in North America’s path towards decarbonisation. RNG is already seeing tremendous growth in North America, where the number of projects has nearly doubled in the last five years. So, what does the future hold?

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Physical and Chemical Composites Enhance Coating Properties, Boost Performance
2 March 2023

Sometimes a little added reinforcement is all that’s needed to turn a well-performing coating into a high-performing composite coating. Such physical composite coatings combine two or more substances that together offer performance properties greater than the sum of their parts. The same is true for chemical composite coatings. This article reviews the various types of composite coatings and described how they enable more robust performance by enhancing properties such as corrosion resistance, durability, flexibility and resistance to cathodic disbondment.

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XTO Energy Deploys Muddy Boots Online for Meter Management and Field Calibration
1 February 2023

In 2022 XTO completed the implementation of cloud-based MuddyBoots.online as their field measurement solution for managing over 20,000 meters. Following two years of project scoping, product evaluation, and a successful pilot project, XTO Energy, a subsidiary of ExxonMobil, has completed the implementation of Muddy Boots as their field measurement solution used by over 200 technicians across all XTO assets. The Case Study discusses XTO’s path to selecting Muddy Boots, as well as the success of their rollout project.

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Carbon Intel eBook: Low Carbon Solutions for the Energy Industry
19 October 2022

The Carbon Intel Forum presents the Carbon Intel eBook, a hand-picked collection of expert articles exploring carbon reduction technologies in the energy industry. The forum will feature information from the largest and most innovative players in global CCUS, with a special focus on applied and emerging CCUS and carbon reduction technologies required to achieve net-zero. Download the eBook today for a preview of low-carbon articles from the energy industry's top media.

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How OCP Ecuador Used Prescriptive Maintenance to Prevent Equipment Failures and Reduce Maintenance Costs
6 October 2022

With assets installed in remote locations, OCP Ecuador needed a maintenance solution that would enable them to predict and prevent equipment failures before they occurred. Using prescriptive maintenance, the company can now continuously monitor its critical assets for impending failure. In this paper, learn how OCP Ecuador reduced maintenance costs by 25% per year and increased engine overhaul from 16000 to 19200 hours, a 20% improvement in uptime.


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Two Layers Are Better Than Three: Boosting Pipeline Performance and Savings with Dual-Layer Barrier Systems
5 October 2022

External stresses threaten the integrity of oil & gas pipelines and, especially, the external barrier systems that protect pipes from corrosion. Dr. Jeffrey D. Rogozinski, Sherwin-Williams Global Product Director – Fusion-Bonded Epoxy/Pipe, sheds light on a next-generation dual-layer corrosion and abrasion protection technology that not only offers optimal protection for oil and gas pipelines but also saves total applied cost in one robust solution.

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The Cultural Divide Between IT & OT Puts Critical Operations at Risk
13 May 2022

Sponsored by Dragos, the Ponemon Institute’s report on the State of Industrial Cybersecurity finds that cultural and technical differences between traditional IT best practices and what is possible in OT increases an organization’s risk for costly cyber incidents – and the average cost to detect, investigate, and remediate an event.

Download the full report now for more about the state of industrial cybersecurity in the United States, including:

  • Program maturity of securing operational technology networks across industries.
  • What industrial organizations are doing to secure ICS/OT environments.
  • OT cybersecurity investment, priorities, and accountability.
  • The cause, consequences, and cost of an OT cybersecurity incident.
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Pipeline SMS as a P&M Program for Transmission Pipelines
13 May 2022

Preventive and Mitigative (P&M) regulations such as 49 CFR 192.935 for Gas Transmission Pipeline Integrity Management have traditionally focused on physical risks and threats to pipeline assets.

The non-physical risk of organizational failure has not been stressed enough. Yet, this risk is tied to some of the most high-profile and damaging pipeline incidents of the last 20+ years.

Transmission operators can use Pipeline SMS (PSMS / API 1173) as a method to root out organizational failure as part of their P&M program. Download our whitepaper to learn more about:

  • PSMS as an Effective Prevention and Mitigation Methodology.
  • How API 1173 Addresses Organizational Failure.
  • The Value of Executing the Full Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Cycle.
  • The Use of Tools to Achieve Natural Compliance for Prevention & Mitigation.
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