July 2017, Vol. 244, No. 7

What's New

What's New

Flow Management Devices

Flow Management Devices (FMD) introduced its fourth-generation Unidirectional Captive Displacement Prover at the International School of Hydrocarbon Measurement (ISHM) in Oklahoma City. The design includes enhanced features and easier serviceability. An overall weight and mass reduction of about 40% significantly reduces flow disruption, consequently allowing better proving results for all meter types, especially Coriolis and ultrasonic. An increase in volume capacity is accomplished through a redesigned piston and poppet assembly. The new design allows for smoother operation and the availability of more volume for measurement, reduced run-up time and minimal flow disturbance during closure. The lighter weight shaft seal retainer has fewer parts to service, resulting in fewer labor hours and less downtime. As a safety feature, observation windows were added to the drive end giving the operator visual access to the belt, shaft assembly  and motor drive assembly. www.flowmd.com


Originally developed for areas where pumps could not be used, the Dynatrol® Red Goose uses product velocity to sample petroleum products from pipelines at flowing conditions. There are no moving parts during operation and no pump is needed for gasoline, diesel fuel, jet fuel or other refined petroleum products. Its latest improvement focuses on easy maintenance; there is no need for removal during pipeline maintenance. The Red Goose v2 has been designed with a through-valve mounting that allows complete maintenance or removal, totally independent of pipeline operations. Combined with the Density Cell v2 to obtain double-sealed protection against leaks, it comes with specifications including pressure ratings of 1,000 psi and 1,480 psi, double-sealed protection against leaks and a temperature rating of 0-250°F. www.dynatrolusa.com

TT Technologies 

Burst and replace gas, water, sewer and other pipes with the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies. The system can pull in a variety of replacement pipe including PVC, DIP, ABS, cast-iron, fusion-welded HDPE and VCP jacking pipe. It uses a specially designed bladed cutter head to make bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. Pulled by a hydraulic bursting unit, the cutter head’s special cutting wheels split the host pipe. An attached expander spreads and displaces the split pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe. Patented QuickLock bursting rods are linked together, not threaded. This saves time, prevents twisting and extends the life of the cutter head over threaded bursting rods. Six Grundoburst models are available for bursting 2- through 54-inch pipes and larger. www.tttechnologies.com


ARDCO introduces a new AMT pipe trailer attachment for the articulating multi-purpose truck (AMT). The trailer offers adjustable lengths and exceptional load capacity, making it ideal for off-road transport in pipeline or utility construction applications. Built specifically for the ARDCO AMT 600, it easily attaches to the truck using a supplied hitch mount with conventional fifth wheel connection. The trailer features a flexible-load rear frame with 45-degree swivel capabilities, trailer axles with available braking system, and various tire options. To protect against damage to pipes or other products, the load surface is constructed of oak timbers and the side pole surface is Teflon-coated. The trailer offers a load capacity of 50,000 lbs. Trailer length can be adjusted from a maximum of 35 feet, 8 inches to a minimum of 22 feet, 2 inches. The AMT 600 includes a Dana 6-speed power shift transmission with twist grip shifter and AxleTech rigid planetary axles with driver- controlled differential lock. www.ardcomfg.com

Ditch Witch®

Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, released a compact VP30 vibratory plow to help operators install a variety of residential utility products in tight spaces and with minimal surface disruption. From fiber to small irrigation pipe, the unit is the ideal, cost-effective solution for product installation beneath residential properties. The VP30 is powered by a 31-hp (23-kw) Briggs & Stratton engine for optimal performance, making the compact machine the most powerful in its size class. The VP30 has a maximum 12-inch (304.8-mm) plow depth and a 4.1-psi (0.28-bar) ground pressure for minimal lawn disruptions and reduced restoration work. This makes the machine a solution for residential, fiber drop work and small irrigation pipe installation up to 1 inch (25.4 mm) in diameter. The VP30 is equipped with two new adjustable blades – the pull blade and feed blade – which can be adjusted between 6 inches (152.4 mm) and 12 inches (304.8 mm) to meet fiber installation-depth requirements in various areas. www.ditchwitch.com


TWI partnered Team Qualspec to provide the PolyTest™ service to the North American market. PolyTest is a field inspection system designed for volumetric non-destructive testing of butt fusion and electrofusion joints in polyethylene (PE) pipes. It has been used in a wide range of pipeline industries. The self-contained system is fully portable, allowing in-trench inspections, and incorporates a simple scanner to accommodate pipes with outside diameters from 4-40 inches and wall thickness from 0.3-2.5 inches. It can be adapted for pipes outside these ranges. After the joints have been inspected, the system generates the results, providing a permanent record of joint integrity. PolyTest™ complies with requirements of ASTM E3044, ASME BPVC Section III Appendix XXVI and EN 13100-3.www.teaminc.com


The Terramac RT14R is a rotating crawler carrier designed for off-road, heavy-duty material hauling with increased efficiency and enhanced operator safety. The carrier boasts a 28,000-lb. carrying capacity for hauling materials on and off rights-of-way and is built with a 360° rotating upper frame to offload materials at any angle or on the go. With a ground pressure of just 7.9 psi, the RT14R travels easily through sensitive terrains to reach remote pipeline projects. Due to the unit’s rotation, operators can maintain a face-forward position at all times while the ergonomically designed cab includes upgraded features such as wide access doors, windows on all sides and large mirrors for increased visibility and safety on pipeline projects. www.terramac.com

Miller Electric

Miller Electric released two new accessories for submerged arc welding (SAW) systems. The Three-Wheeled Tractor offers a smaller size for improved flexibility in SAW applications; the 30-90 mm external cladding head optimizes feeding of cladding strip for improved weld quality in SAW and electro-slag cladding applications. The SubArc Tractor Interface Digital is an all-in-one interface that lets operators control the tractor as well as the welding functions from the same panel. The 30-90 mm External Cladding Head has a full-width strip drive roller that includes independent adjustments at three separate points – one for each 30-mm increment – compared to only one point of adjustment for other cladding heads on the market. www.MillerWelds.com


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