March 2017, Vol. 244, No. 3


Company & Association News


Names In The News James A. Cisarik, Enterprise Products Holdings LLC’s senior vice president of government affairs and public relations, was named chairman of the Texas Pipeline Association (TPA), the largest state trade association in the country representing the interests of the intrastate pipeli..


Applications of Relative Calibration of Crack and Corrosion ILI Data

How relative calibration of crack and corrosion inline pipeline inspection data can be used by pipeline operators and ILI vendors.

Canadian Leak Raises Questions about Detection Systems

A pipeline leak raises questions about leak detection systems and pipeline inspections in Canada.

Corrosion Threats for the Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry plays a major role in generating the energy we use every day, representing an important part of today’s global economy. To keep up with increasing energy consumption, the industry has led deepwater and other explorations. The pace of exploration is expected to rise to meet t..

End-to-End Monitoring, Data Collection Increases Pipeline Safety

Pipeline inspections conducted end to end help increase safety.

Eurasia Offers Most Diversity of Natural Resources

Among the world’s oil and gas regions none are more vast or diverse than Eurasia. Home to both the world’s largest importer of oil and the top producer of oil and natural gas, the immense geography and natural resources of the Russian Federation, and enormous population and thriving manufacturing se..

ExxonMobil’s Energy Outlook Projects Population, Economic Growth to Drive Demand

Global population growth of nearly 2 billion, a doubling of worldwide economic output and rapid expansion of the middle class in emerging economies are all expected to contribute to energy demand growth of about 25% from 2015-2040, according to ExxonMobil’s 2017 Outlook for Energy: A View to 2040.  ..

How SAFETY Act Can Manage Liability Risks Arising From Pipeline Threats

Regulations such as the SAFETY Act help protect pipeline construction projects against acts of terrorism.

M&A Suggests Positive Year Looms for Shale

Oil prices aside, the year ahead for shale oil plays in the U.S. appears to be bright. Andrew Dittmar, an upstream analyst at PLS, a Houston-based information and transaction advisory firm, believes we are already seeing or soon will see signs of a positive year for activity and production throughou..

Monitoring Key to Developing Rigorous Corrosion-Protection Program for Gas Storage

Recent recommendations from the federal Department of Energy (DOE) regarding corrosion-protection programs for natural gas storage will likely require action on the part of operators around the country. As Ernest J. Moniz, the outgiong Secretary of Energy, wrote in the introductory pages of the DOE ..

Outlining a Structured Approach to Inline Inspection

An overview of a structured approach to inline pipeline inspection.

Q & A: Risk-Based Inspection for Controlling Pipeline Corrosion

Risk-based pipeline inspections can help combat corrosion.

Richard Kuprewicz: The Man Who Knew Too Much About Pipeline Safety 

As the pipeline industry was being thrust into the final days of America’s political drama last fall, environmental activists at Earthjustice reached out to a pipeline safety icon known for his expertise and independence, Pacific Northwest-based Richard Kuprewicz. The environmental group’s support ..

Risk Assessment in Management of Environmental SCC of Pipelines

Many pipeline operators’ first significant experience of stress corrosion cracking (SCC) is dealing with the aftermath of an unexpected failure. The operator’s priority then is to repair/replace the affected section and return the pipeline to full service. However, experience shows that SCC rarely ..

Using Inline CP Tools in Multiple Pipeline Corridors

Inline cathodic protection tools can help improve pipeline inspection of multiple corridors.

Watching North America’s Pipeline Renaissance

2017 could be a great year for pipeline construction projects in North America, but are all of them necessary?


Pipeline Approvals Could Put A Ceiling On Gas Prices

The approval of two U.S. pipeline construction projects could lower natural gas prices.

Where America's Pipeline Industry Currently Stands

Just about every year I have the pleasure of discussing the state of industry with the Houston Pipeliners Association. In case you’re interested, here’s what I said. “With Donald Trump it’s anyone’s guess what can happen next. Barack Obama wasn’t popular with our industry though when he came in 200..



An overview of new pipeline regulations, as featured in our March 2017 issue.

In The News

In the News

U.S. Shale Production Likely to Peak over Next Decade, EIA Says U.S. shale and tight oil production will increase to more than 6 million bpd in the coming decade, making up most of total U.S. oil production, according to a recent report by a federal Energy Information Administration. U.S. shale oil..

World News

Douglas–Westwood Offers 2017 Outlook The past year has undoubtedly been one of the toughest for the oil and gas industry in recent memory. The London–based firm considers three key themes that could shape the industry over the year ahead. A North America–Led OFS Recovery: OFS markets are expected ..



An overview of worldwide pipeline construction projects, as featured in our March 2017 issue.


Direct Pipe Technology Used to Install Gas Pipeline in Poland

Direct pipe technology used on gas pipeline construction project in Poland.

Dolphin-Inspired Sensors Improve Detection

Dolphin-inspired sensors help improve leak detection on pipeline construction projects.

New Standard for Corrosion Testing Published

Business standards company BSI has published the new standard for corrosion testing in pipelines used in the oil and gas industry. BS 8701 Full ring ovalization test for determining the susceptibility to cracking of linepipe steels in sour service – test method enables measurement of corrosion and e..

What's New

What’s New

An overview of the latest technology that can be used on pipeline construction projects, as featured in our March 2017 issue.