January 2018, Vol. 245, No. 1

Editor's Notebook

Replacing a Legend is Never Easy, but I'm up for the Challenge

By Joe Hollier, Editor, Pipeline & Gas Journal

Historically there have been some great feats of longevity and everyone has their favorites. Most deal with sports or at least the ones that can be recounted easily. Today I find myself tasked with replacing a Ripkenesque-type icon in the publishing world. That’s right, after 22 years as editor of Pipeline & Gas Journal, Jeff Share is retiring, stepping down, moving on, seeking greener pastures, oh you get the idea.

Regardless of how you look at it, Jeff’s departure comes at a time when P&GJ reigns as the unquestioned #1 oil and natural gas pipeline magazine in the world; due in part, not coincidentally, to the man himself. Twenty-two years ago, this publication was mired in mediocrity with a number of other similar publications trying to outdo each other.

Most of those publications have long since disappeared, but P&GJ has continued to prosper with the help of numerous talented professionals, including the aforementioned Share. The former Houston Post editor was a big believer in providing readers with informative content along with some direction as to why it’s important. As an important party of his legacy, he also created P&GJ’s annual Pipeline Opportunities Conference, which is now a premiere event for the North American pipeline industry.

My hope is that my attempt to fill Share’s shoes will be remembered along the same lines of Lou Gehrig replacing Wally Pipp in 1925, which began the “Iron Horse’s” streak of playing in 2,130 consecutive games, and not Danny White replacing Roger Staubach. Mixing sport analogies I know, but if there is one thing I’ve learned from Jeff in our short employment time together it is to be true to yourself and strong in your beliefs so that you never have to look back with regret.

The good news is Jeff is not going too far and P&GJ will be looking for future contributions as a guest columnist and advisor for the foreseeable future. Myself in particular will be looking for a continued mentor and sounding board for as long as he will take my calls.

Combined with excellent writers, graphic artists, editors, photographers, ownership and conferences all dedicated to covering this ever-changing, high-profiled industry, it’s easy to see why P&GJ has been so successful. So congratulations, Jeff Share, on an exemplary career and making an inerasable mark in this industry.

As the newly appointed P&GJ editor I am of the belief that, ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.’ My goal is to step in as seamlessly as possible, follow the same principles that have pushed this publication to the forefront, work tirelessly to keep providing pertinent information to our readers and cheer the Astros on to another World Series title!


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