Failed Fitting Led to 1,200 Barrel Oil Leak from Trans Mountain Pipeline

P&GJ Staff Report

 The Transportation Safety Board of Canada completed its investigation into a June 2020 release of crude oil at the Trans Mountain Sumas pump station in British Columbia, determining a 1-inch pipeline fitting was the source of the leak.

Occurrence compression fitting (Source: TSB)
Occurrence compression fitting (Source: TSB)

The leak released up to 1,200 barrels of crude oil, but did not reach outside of company property, the Transportation Safety Board said. The pipeline was shut down and crews were dispatched to investigate, the report said. There were no injuries involved.

The 1-inch compression fitting used to join tubing from the discharge mainline to the EOS system separated from tubing on a section of above-ground piping, the report states.

The Sumas Pump Station is monitored and controlled 24 hours a day by Trans Mountain’s Control Centre Operations in Edmonton, according to the report.

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