PipeSense Introduces Tailored Pipeline Solutions with AI Integration

(P&GJ) — PipeSense, a Houston-based pipeline integrity specialist, has announced its official launch backed by investments from Charps LLC and Sonomatic Limited.

Following an acquisition from ProFlex Technologies, PipeSense emerges as a powerhouse amalgamating over a century of combined expertise in pipeline integrity management. Employing cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, PipeSense offers tailored solutions to tackle diverse operational challenges faced by onshore and offshore pipelines.

Charps, renowned for its prowess in pipeline construction and maintenance, has strategically invested in PipeSense's management, deployment, and research and development endeavors. Meanwhile, Sonomatic, a leader in non-destructive testing inspections and integrity solutions, has focused its investment on hardware development and software support. Both companies are poised to collaborate closely in driving PipeSense's growth trajectory and exploring new avenues in business development.

The acquisition from ProFlex, coupled with external investments, has spurred PipeSense's innovation, leading to the refinement of its leak detection technologies and the introduction of a sophisticated cloud-based software ecosystem. Leveraging AI, PipeSense offers an array of monitoring solutions including hydrotest leak detection, real-time pig tracking, and the identification of pipeline blockages and pre-existing leaks.

Under the leadership of Stuart Mitchell, transitioning from his role as president of ProFlex to president and CTO of PipeSense, alongside Charps CEO Joe Van Vynckt, who assumes the additional role of PipeSense CEO, the company has finalized its senior leadership team with the appointments of Josh Holmes as vice president of sales and Scott Bauer as vice president of operations.

Reflecting on his dual roles within Charps and PipeSense, CEO Joe Van Vynckt highlighted the synergies between the two entities, emphasizing their shared dedication to advancing pipeline performance and monitoring. "As we move forward, Charps will leverage PipeSense's technology across various projects, underscoring our commitment to driving operational excellence in pipeline management," Van Vynckt stated.

The launch of PipeSense signifies a significant milestone in the pipeline industry, heralding a new era of innovation and efficiency driven by advanced AI-backed technologies. With steadfast support from industry leaders Charps and Sonomatic, PipeSense is poised to redefine the landscape of pipeline integrity management, offering unparalleled solutions tailored to the evolving needs of the sector.

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