Luxfer Introduces G-Stor Hydrosphere for Advanced Hydrogen Transportation

(P&GJ) — Luxfer Gas Cylinders, a division of Luxfer Holdings Plc, has unveiled the G-Stor Hydrosphere, a cutting-edge solution poised to transform hydrogen transportation. Introduced during the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam, this innovation aims to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of hydrogen as a clean energy source.

Developed for safe and sustainable hydrogen transportation via virtual gas pipelines, the G-Stor Hydrosphere range offers significant capacity and energy delivery. Leveraging Luxfer's trusted Type 4-cylinder technology, these Multiple Element Gas Containers (MEGCs) enable the storage and transportation of over 1 ton of hydrogen, thereby maximizing payload and optimizing efficiency.

“We believe this product range will significantly improve hydrogen transportation,” Nick Herbert, sales and marketing director of Luxfer Gas Cylinders Europe, said. “By utilizing our G-Stor Go Type 4 cylinders, which have a larger diameter, fewer cylinders are needed to store the gas compared to other models on the market. This results in more efficient use of carbon fiber and reduced road weight, ultimately improving transportation efficiency."

Featuring standardized fittings, robust safety features, and compliance with international standards, including ISO 668 and EN 17339, the G-Stor Hydrosphere ensures seamless and secure usage.

Manufactured at Luxfer’s production facility in Nottingham, U.K., the G-Stor Hydrosphere represents Luxfer's commitment to advancing sustainable energy infrastructure and supporting the transition to cleaner energy alternatives.

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