Mitsubishi and Partners to Establish Coalition for Advancing Electric Natural Gas

(Reuters) — Mitsubishi Corp. said on Tuesday it will form an international coalition with seven other firms including TotalEnergies and Tokyo Gas to support development and production of electric natural gas (e-NG).

e-NG is a synthetic gas produced from renewable hydrogen and carbon dioxide (CO2) and can be transported and stored utilizing existing infrastructures, Mitsubishi said in a statement, adding that the companies believe e-NG has a role to play to accelerate the energy transition towards a net-zero carbon future.

With an aim to contribute to a fight against climate change, Mitsubishi and its partners plan to accelerate the development of e-NG in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way, the Japanese trading house said.

Mitsubishi's other partners are France's Engie, U.S.-based Sempra Infrastructure, Belgium's TES, and Japan's Osaka Gas and Toho Gas. They plan to create the group, called "e-NG Coalition", in the first half of the year.

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