DNV Releases New Standard for Hybrid Thermoplastic Composite Flexible Pipes

(P&GJ) — DNV has introduced its latest standard, DNV-ST-F207, for hybrid thermoplastic composite flexible pipes (TCPs), addressing challenges faced by conventional risers in deepwater applications.

These pipes offer a corrosion-free, spoolable, and ductile alternative to traditional steel pipes, particularly in environments with high top tension and corrosion risks.

The primary focus of the DNV-ST-F207 standard is to integrate innovative technologies, such as carbon fiber armor, into flexible riser designs. By qualifying these technologies against recognized international standards like API Spec 17J and DNV-ST-F119, DNV aims to enhance safety, efficiency, and sustainability in deepwater projects. The standard adopts a unified approach, merging different design methods into a cohesive framework to ensure component reliability under varying stresses.

Prajeev Rasiah, Executive Vice President & Regional Director Northern Europe, Energy Systems at DNV, emphasized the initiative's commitment to advancing offshore technology. The standard's implementation is expected to significantly impact deepwater projects, reducing top tension through lighter risers while providing a sustainable and reliable solution. Carbon fiber's superior resistance to degradation in aggressive environments further enhances its appeal.

DNV's release of the DNV-ST-F207 standard represents a milestone in the offshore industry's journey towards technological advancements for a more sustainable future.

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