Energy Transfer Joins CapturePoint for Carbon Capture and Storage Initiative in Louisiana

By Mary Holcomb, Digital Editor

(P&GJ) — CapturePoint LLC and Energy Transfer LP have formalized agreements for the joint development of a carbon capture and permanent underground storage project in Louisiana. This initiative aims to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions by capturing and storing CO2 emitted from Energy Transfer's Haynesville natural gas treating facilities.

The revised Letter of Intent (LOI) and accompanying CO2 Offtake Agreement solidify the commitment to direct CO2 emissions from Energy Transfer's facilities to CapturePoint's Central Louisiana Regional Carbon Storage Hub (CENLA Hub). Additionally, the agreements outline a framework for future collaboration on capturing and sequestering CO2 from other Energy Transfer facilities in Louisiana.

The CENLA Hub, considered one of the largest onshore deep underground carbon storage centers in development in the United States, is poised to permanently secure millions of tons of CO2 annually, mitigating its release into the atmosphere. These agreements lay the groundwork for capturing and storing up to two million tons of CO2 annually at the CENLA Hub.

Tracy Evans, CEO of CapturePoint, expressed enthusiasm about Energy Transfer's commitment to the project, emphasizing the company's recognition of the CENLA Hub as a promising CO2 storage site.

Recent data from test wells at the CENLA Hub indicate the region's unique geology could potentially sequester several hundred million tons of CO2 permanently. CapturePoint's permit applications for Class VI CO2 injection sites in Vernon and Rapides Parishes are currently under review by the Louisiana Department of Natural Resources.

“We want to thank our partners in the local CENLA Hub communities for their strong support for this important economic and environmental development,” Evans said. “Our team at CapturePoint is working to deliver a leading-edge project that will define the future of carbon management in the United States.”

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