Mexico’s Infrastructure Expansion and Five-Year Plan
6 December 2018

Mexico has executed a five-year plan (2015-2019) for the expansion of natural gas transportation and storage systems. Since 2012, 1,496 miles of natural gas pipelines have been added to the national grid, and it is estimated that by the end of 2019 that amount will total 5,420 miles.

Download this whitepaper to learn how the growth in natural gas trade with Mexico will help satisfy the country’s energy demand for industrial use, supply its power thermoelectric plants and open new markets to foster future economic development.

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Further pipeline infrastructure essential as Permian oil production surges
26 July 2018

Oil production in the Permian Basin is booming and the demand for pipeline infrastructure to accommodate necessary takeaway capacity is growing. As production surges in the region, midstream companies are rushing to build pipelines to debottleneck capacity constraints and move supply to US Gulf Coast markets. Download this whitepaper to learn more about the developing pipeline infrastructure in the Permian Basin that will provide sufficient takeaway capacity to keep pace with production growth.

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How to Transform Your Gas Metering Operations
2 July 2018

Discover the power of connected for your gas metering operation with Honeywell Connected Plant Measurement IQ for Gas:

  • Real time monitoring of all your metering stations from any web-enabled device
  • An at-a-glance diagnostics dashboard to rapidly identify problems
  • Real condition-based monitoring to safely extend calibration intervals.

Download it now to find out how you can increase measurement certainty, cut the costs of lost and unaccounted for gas and eliminate unnecessary maintenance.

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China's Growing Gas Demand: Key Products and Market Insights
25 June 2018

China is growing increasingly energy-hungry as its population and transport infrastructure expands. China’s demand from oil into natural gas & LNG has outpaced supply for several years, which has resulted in the need to improve the country’s natural gas and LNG infrastructure. Download this whitepaper to learn more about China's state of natural gas and LNG demand.

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The Evolution of Ultrasonic Inline Inspection
4 June 2018

Guaranteeing the safe operational conditions of pipelines is paramount to any integrity management program. Intelligent inline inspection (ILI) tools are widely used throughout the industry to guarantee such safe operations. Ultrasonic technology (UT) is the most accurate and reliable iteration of ILI technology available today. These inspection tools record data while travelling through the entire pipeline from launcher to receiver. By taking advantage of the highly accurate data offered by NDT Global, alongside the overall service offering, operators rarely need to make major concessions or adjustments to their pipelines. This white paper explores technological advances that have been made to support ILI using ultrasonic technology, to include hardware and inspection improvements. It further examines the role ultrasonic modeling plays to support and optimize inspection results.

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5 Common Composite Repair Misconceptions
1 June 2018

Composite repair products used in oil and gas pipeline rehabilitation and restoration applications have been available for close to 30 years. In that time, a wealth of misconceptions has evolved regarding these products, their principles and their performance. To help set the record straight, we’ll look at five common composite repair misconceptions, where they originated, the reality of those misconceptions and why it is vitally important to understand the engineering behind these solutions as well as their capabilities and effectiveness in each unique repair.

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Mexico's unfolding natural gas transformation
10 May 2018

The global energy industry has seen how the shale boom turned the US into a leading gas producer and exporter. Much of the recent development in the Americas' natural gas/LNG sector has been concentrated in the US Gulf Coast region, which is a key energy hub for much of the world. But what about Mexico?

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Utilizing Double Block Isolation Tools to Safely Isolate Live Pipelines without Affecting Production
21 March 2018

An introduction to Type Approved leak-tight double block and bleed isolation tools, developed to address the limitations of existing “conventional” line-stop technology. Including a case study featuring line-stop isolations at over 2100psi to successfully retrofit pigging facilities (launchers and receivers), in a timely, safe manner, without affecting production.

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