Special Reports: 2023

Global Pipeline Construction Outlook 2023

Months of soaring oil and natural gas prices gave way in late 2022 as oil demand projections softened on recessionary fears and Europe’s months-long buying spree filled its natural gas storage levels to near capacity. Counterintuitively, Brent prices fell further in December even as the OPEC+ cartel announced new supply cuts and Europe’s ban on Russian oil imports forced Moscow to reroute supplies.

2023 Large Horizontal Directional Drilling Rigs Census

(P&GJ) — When a project calls for horizontal directional drilling (HDD), it’s important to use a qualified contractor and the right equipment for the specific needs, especially when it involves a large rig. This annual census, compiled by Pipeline & Gas Journal and Underground Infrastructure, serves as a valuable resource in the selection process and, ultimately, project success.