April 2014, Vol. 241 No. 4

What's New

April 2014 New Products

New products from Flagshooter, Tri Tool, Enerpac, Pipetel, Deere, Schneider Electric, Weir-Jones Engineering, L.D. Osborne Company, PeopleNet, ESAB and more.

The Flagshooter shoots wire utility locating flags into the ground and sprays marking paint using only one hand and without any bending over. When the operator presses down on its handle, the tool separates a single wire from a “clip” of collated wire flags, and drives one into the ground, similar to a nail gun. A trigger at the handle operates an integrated spray can similar to traditional spray wands. Custom printed or plain flags are available in all the colors necessary for today’s underground infrastructure. (605) 529-5000, www.flagshooter.com.

Enerpac’s latest ATM-Series flange alignment tools offer enhanced safety and efficiency, helping reduce set-up time and installation costs where rotational misalignments and twists in pipeline are common problems. They are an improvement over earlier, alternate methods that could damage bolt holes. Three in the series were designed for use by a single operator without the need for an external power source, chains, slings or lifting gear. Perfect for most ANSI, API, BS and DIN flanges, their versatility allows effective use in any position. www.enerpac.com/en-us.

Pipetel Technologies Inc. has added a deformation sensor to its range of Explorer robots that will measure the size of dents in unpiggable natural gas pipelines. Available initially on the 20- to 36-inch robots, this laser-based sensor will allow the company to pinpoint the location of the dent and its exact measurements. The dent reporting specifications include depth, length and width sizing. This means the company can now advise clients on metal loss, dents, ovality and a combination of metal loss and dent anomaly. This data provides a more complete picture for the pipeline operator to make strategic decisions to implement a proactive pipeline integrity management and maintenance program. www.pipetelone.com.

Tri Tool
Tri Tool Incorporated has introduced a new high-production counterboring service for the offshore market. To meet the demand for deep counterbore machining of steel catenary risers and critical pipeline needs in the Gulf of Mexico, the company has designed and manufactured a new high speed system with safety as a top priority. The process delivers deep counterbore precision, rapid cycle times and superior surface finishes, using incoming and outgoing mechanized pipe handling racks that require no manual pipe handling. Cycle times are optimized with automated pipe end alignment, rapid machining by dual seven-axis CNC machines equipped with real time monitoring and the latest in safety features. The equipment will be manned by Tri Tool’s experienced technicians, mobilized for on-site service from the company’s new Houston location. www.tritool.com.

Schneider Electric
Schneider Electric has expanded its cybersecurity capabilities by certifying the Industrial Defender’s Automation Systems Manager solution for use on its OASyS DNA 7.5 SCADA system and Oil & Gas application suite in order to provide pipeline infrastructure security and change management. This allows a company to centralize cybersecurity efforts, provide robust change management and automate reporting that supports internal controls and compliance requirements. With the completion of certification, customers can be confident that they can gain the benefits of the technology while continuing to meet their system integrity, reliability, and performance needs. www.schneider-electric.com.

Weir-Jones Engineering
An intelligent automated grease-dispensing system developed by Weir-Jones Engineering significantly reduces operational and maintenance costs and lowers the potential for human error in operations that deploy submerged pumps or equipment requiring regular lubrication that must be remotely verified. The system was developed for use in tailings ponds by a multinational operator in an Alberta oil sands mining operation. It is capable of supplying bearing and sealing greases to pumps located under 200 feet of water. The system is suited to extreme conditions where remotely operated equipment must be regularly maintained and its maintenance status confirmed. www.weir-jones.com.

L.D. Osborne Company, Inc.
L.D. Osborne Company, Inc. has introduced PigginPoles, designed and field tested specifically for safely launching and retrieving pipeline pigs. The patent-pending tool is constructed of non-spark-producing aluminum, which makes it safe to use in an explosive gas environment. The poles come in multiple lengths for different barrel lengths and have modular components to allow for various attachments and special orders. (855)443-9277, pigginpoleman@gmail.com, www.pigginpoles.com.

PeopleNet announces the launch of its new mapping and navigation solutions for its Energy Services suite serving U.S. fleets in the upstream and midstream sectors. The mapping and navigation solutions are based on detailed maps of private and leased oilfield roads that facilitate vehicle navigation to and from well sites, coordination of disparate workforces to promote efficiency and location monitoring of equipment to ensure vehicles are on the correct route for least-cost routing. The Oil and Gas Map Portal is a web-based application used by back-office dispatch personnel to manage the navigation needs of vehicles and includes reporting, dashboards, and scorecards that help manage compliance with producer-landowner road-usage agreements. (888) 346-3486, www.peoplenetonline.com.

ELIOT Innovative Solutions
By implementing a unique type of RFID technology, ELIOT Innovative Solutions makes it possible to detect underground pipelines as deep as 5.5 feet quickly and easily, with precision nearing 1/3 inch, while providing a variety of traceability information without having to excavate. RYB, a leading French provider of pipeline network solutions, created the company as a spin-off to handle the commercialization of equipment for locating and identifying underground works in France and internationally. The first phases of this development involve opening a subsidiary in North America and concluding a round of capital investment now in progress. The new company offers tags, readers, and dedicated software solutions. www.eliot-solutions.com

ESAB offers the new Oxweld SCT-1500 TR manual Straight Cutting Torch as part of its Elite Series of gas apparatus products. The torch features gas mixing technology that provides an optimum mix of gas to improve cutting efficiency while reducing the potential for damaging flashback. The injector delivers top performance using any fuel gas by swirling the higher-pressure oxygen streams to create a superior homogenous mix of gas. This increases efficiency and delivers maximum cutting performance. In addition, the swirling of the high-pressure oxygen and fuel gas produces a pump-like action that forms a vacuum in the torch to improve performance with longer hoses and lower-pressure operations. 1-800-ESAB123, www.esabna.com.

CL-7 Limited
CL-7 Limited has introduced a non-foam-based, trouser-pocketed safety kneepad which maintains its maximum cushioning effect throughout consecutive or prolonged use. Redbacks cushioning kneepads feature a soft and flexible thermoplastic elastomer leaf-spring set within a honeycomb matrix. This distributes body weight evenly, elevating the knees to relieve back pain and reduce pressure on knee, leg, ankle and foot joints, while minimizing the risk of possible injury from sharp or penetrating objects. The company is currently interested in talking with potential international distributors. +44 (0) 1327 702104, sales@CL-7.co.uk, www.redbackskneepads.co.uk.

Toshiba International Corporation
Toshiba International Corporation has announced its newly formed Motors & Drives Division has aligned its business structure to better serve the market’s need for a single-source motor and drive solution. The new structure combines the company’s knowledge and experience in both motors and adjustable speed drives into one division for their full range of in-house services, including R&D, manufacturing, sales, field services, and training. The integration of services permits testing motors and ASDs together as a complete system, ensuring the highest level of quality, performance, and reliability. www.toshiba.com/tic.

John Deere Power Systems
John Deere Power Systems has introduced PowerSight, featuring four John Deere technologies: the JDLink machine monitoring system; machine health prognostics; remote diagnostics and programming; and the PowerAssist app. These functions integrate to help customers manage OEM equipment by automatically collecting, transmitting and managing information about where, when and how equipment is being used, as well as critical machine health data. They are capable of proactively discovering improper engine operation that could lead to downtime and allow a service representative to read and reset engine diagnostic trouble codes and record performance readings remotely. The phone app provides mobile access to specific individual engine information such as model number, date of manufacture, parts catalog number, option codes, family number, emissions certificates and more. www.deere.com.

Reef Industries
Reef Industries’ Terra Tape marking tapes are designed to protect buried pipelines from dig-ins. The Extra Stretch type is recommended for preventing dig-ins from construction machinery. Other materials in both detectable and non-detectable versions are available. All products can be custom made in nearly any width or imprint needed. http://www.reefindustries.com/terra-tape.php.

Quest Integrity Group
Quest Integrity Group has announced Pacifica, a software solution to perform pressure cycle fatigue analysis on seam crack flaws in pipelines. In aging pipelines, failures can occur after long run times due to an accumulation of pressure cycles. Based on the American Petroleum Institute’s advanced Fracture Mechanics methodology, this software solution helps operators meet regulatory expectations, observe best practices, and effectively manage the risk of failure due to pressure cycle fatigue. In addition, this solution increases the information yield from operators’ existing investments in SCADA systems and on-line monitoring sensors. www.questintegrity.com.

Pergram Technical Services, Inc.
The new Laser Methane Mini-G is a compact handheld instrument that remotely detects methane using laser technology. The highly visible green laser and the high contrasting display allow for inspections in bright outdoor applications. Features include a Bluetooth interface and a complimentary Android app that tracks the entire survey route and stores the data in a standard Microsoft Excel/ Google Maps format. www.pergamusa.com.

BSI Sentry Systems
BSI Sentry Systems provides remote pipeline monitoring using patented “Eagle Array” sensors to wirelessly analyze corrosion rates using ultrasound. The sensors are attached to the exterior of any pipe, either above or below ground, and send information to a cloud network. Software automatically calculates remaining life using guidelines from API 570/R.B.F. and sends e-mail/text message alerts when thresholds are reached. www.bsisentry.com.

KEPServerEX version 5.14 addresses evolving customer needs related to data storage, accessibility and compliance. The release now supports Liquid Electronic Flow Measurement data for several drivers, improves performance with the Allen-Bradley ControlLogix Ethernet Driver and usability with the Siemens TCP/IP Ethernet Driver, and upgrades the DataLogger Plug-In guaranteeing delivery of valuable process data to a SQL server. The enhanced Electronic Flow Measurement Suite will allow customers to minimize the solutions necessary for collecting both real-time and historical gas and liquid EFM data from the industry’s leading flow computers, and reduce the number of applications required to perform measurement analysis. (207) 775-1660 or sales@kepware.com, www.kepware.com.

Unitil, a provider of natural gas and electricity to customers in New England, has announced the launch of a new safety education for contractors. With Unitil’s new e-SMART Worker website (http://www.unitil.e-smartonline.net/worker/), contractors have a new way to access vital information every worker should know before working near electrical and natural gas lines. The website features power line and pipeline safety tips, instructional videos, case studies and an interactive quiz, all designed to help better educate and protect the public. www.unitil.com.

Reflex Marine
Reflex Marine has launched its newly developed FROG-XT4 crew-transfer device. The transporter provides greater comfort and safety to passengers, and offers operators wider parameters and higher capacity transfers. The unit has a small footprint, making it easy to store, and cost effective to ship. One improved feature is the main load plate for the rigging terminations, which eases access and eye level inspection to improve the safety of the unit. It is also capable of being deployed quickly in medical evacuation situations, a crucial feature in emergency scenarios. www.reflexmarine.com.

Bredero Shaw
Bredero Shaw, the largest division of ShawCor Ltd., has implemented its Complete Coating Assurance model, an offshore pipeline coating model addressing every stage of a project’s lifecycle from concept and pre-FEED to commissioning. The model offers complete control over the six elements that result in fully integrated coating interfaces throughout the project installation. The elements are engineering services, pipe and joint coating design, coating system validation, logistics management, pipe coating application and field joint coating. schoudhary@brederoshaw.com , www.brederoshaw.com.


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