November 2017, Vol. 244, No. 11


Editor's Notebook

Pipeline Protesters' Motives Aren't as Environmentally Pure as You Think

The motives of pipeline construction project protesters aren't as environmentally driven as you are led to believe.


A New Era for Argentine Gas Pipelines

Argentina increases investment in natural gas pipeline construction projects.

Bringing Manufacturing Jobs Back to America

A little over two years ago at an energy conference in Abingdon, VA, Gov. Terry McAuliffe was clearly excited about planned pipelines that would bring Marcellus and Utica natural gas to eastern Virginia. He declared, “We will use the natural gas in these pipelines to bring manufacturing jobs to east..

Error Reduction as It Relates to Human Performance

Increasingly, gas and pipeline operations are implementing an array of safety systems and protocols, including risk, stakeholder and safety management systems, along with robust human capital management programs. However, in many cases, safety performance is still plateauing and safety metrics, inc..

Fall Will Be Busy Season for Pipeline Projects

Fall is traditionally a time when many gas pipeline projects are put in-service, as the construction that can be done in key spring and summer windows (to avoid impacts on protected animals and plants) are completed. This year is no exception, as an update of the PointLogic Energy gas pipeline data..

Improving Pipeline Cybersecurity with Public-Private Partnerships

From an environmental, safety, and health perspective, pipelines are widely considered the optimal mode of transporting fossil fuel products. Release failures and loss-of-life incidents remain on a downward trend that began decades ago. But with over 2.5 million miles of pipelines moving natural ga..

Insider’s Perspective of an Industry in Transition

Industry insider gives insights on global deals that may impact pipeline construction projects in 2018.

Marcellus-Utica – Planet Earth’s Natural Gas Mecca

Natural gas pipeline construction projects are booming in the Marcellus and Utica shales.

No Plan B for Liberals on Energy

Canada needs more pipeline construction projects, but new regulations are standing in the way of development.

Russian Rosneft’s Big Kurdish Pipeline Gamble

Rarely does one see such a multi-faceted move as Rosneft declaring it will build a $1 billion pipeline bringing gas from Iraqi Kurdistan to Turkey. The 30 Bcm a year pipeline would not only allow the ever-expanding Rosneft to fortify its position in Kurdistan and nip into the Turkish gas market, bu..

Strategic Benefits of American Boom in Oil and Gas

History is replete with examples of how countries have either sought to wield their national power to acquire energy, or used their energy resources to achieve foreign policy goals. From the Japanese decision to bomb Pearl Harbor to what had been a rapprochement between the Turkish government and th..

Thank Our Lucky Stars Uneconomic Alaska Gas Projects Weren’t Built

Ex-Alaska regulator says he's thankful the state didn't proceed with non-economically viable natural gas pipeline construction projects.

Unexpected Move Could Derail Mexico’s Oil Boom

Oil pipeline construction projects could be derailed by new regulations in Mexico.


75 Years for Growth, Innovation

Seventy-five years ago, Union Gas pioneered the use of underground storage for natural gas in Ontario – a critical, but largely unheralded innovation that to this day, ensures that Ontarians have a reliable source of affordable energy to get through their traditionally cold winters. Before storage ..

Oil Production, Natural Gas Price Upticks Expected

2018 is expected to be a banner year for pipeline construction projects

What's New

What's New

An overview of the latest technology that can be used on pipeline construction projects, as featured in our November 2017 issue.

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Business News

Natural Gas Rodeo Winners The 2017 National Gas Rodeo, held recently at the Jefferson County Fair-grounds in Denver, CO announced the winners for the two- and four-person team events. Organized by the Midwest Energy Association, the event draws teams from utility companies across the U.S., and incl..


China’s First Center to Test Flare Emissions

Honeywell UOP reports that its Callidus Technologies business has begun operation of China’s only facility capable of testing flare emissions for volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. The test center in Luoyang, Henan Province, aids customers trying to reduce emissions of VOCs in industrial flare sys..

Inline Isolation Provides Decommissioning Benefits

When a multinational energy services company planned to decommission an onshore gas terminal in northwest England, it needed a fast, total solution that would avoid depressurizing and blowing down a 25-mile (40-km), 36-inch pipeline. The pipeline runs from an offshore field through north and south ..

Pipeline Monitoring Systems to See Good Times Ahead

The global pipeline inspection technology market is on the rise.



Ohio Gas Production Grows to 4.3 Bcf/d  Ohio is now the country’s sixth-largest gas producing state. major natural gas producing states, due to the Utica Shale and a portion of Pennsylvania’s Marcellus Shale plays. Despite low prices in the $3 range, producers in the Utica have added 10 rigs since ..

In The News

In the News

‘Open-Minded’ Ecuador to Offer Oil Production Blocks Ecuadoran Minister of Hydocarbons Carlos Perez told an audience at Rice University’s Baker Institute his nation is “back to stability” and ready to offer new incentives to oil producers who are ready to ready to invest. “The new president wants ..

World News

Gazprom Tops Rankings of Global Companies, ExxonMobil Falls to 9th The results of the 2017 S&P Global Platts Top 250 Global Energy Company Rankings show a two-pronged changing of the guard, the most profound in the 16-year history of the rankings. First, Gazprom snagged the number 1 spot, ending Ex..



An overview of the latest updates to pipeline regulations in America, as featured in our Nov. 2017 issue.