TECO Peoples Gas, Alliance Diaries Partnering to Bring Florida RNG

TECO Peoples Gas, Florida's largest natural gas distribution utility, has reached an agreement with Alliance Dairies to build, own and operate a renewable natural gas (RNG) facility on the dairy’s property in Trenton near Gainesville. The facility is expected to produce 105,000 MMBtu of RNG, enough to serve about 4,400 homes annually.

The Alliance RNG facility will capture waste from approximately 6,500 cows and clean it to pipeline-quality natural gas that can be safely used by any natural gas appliance or other natural gas application. 

“With this renewable natural gas facility, Peoples Gas will be a leader in Florida’s clean energy future,” said Timothy O’Connor, vice president, Sustainability for Peoples Gas. In 2017, Peoples Gas was the first utility to receive approval from the Florida Public Service Commission to pursue renewable natural gas service in the state, and among the first in the nation. This project is the next step in bringing RNG to Florida.

Renewable natural gas is produced from the organic waste of landfills, water treatment plants or agricultural sites. As the waste decomposes, biogas made up of mostly methane is produced. Through the RNG process, the methane that would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere is captured and cleaned. RNG can then be injected into Florida’s pipeline systems and used as a reliable and cost-effective energy source just like traditional natural gas, typically offering customers net-zero or negative emission levels.

“Alliance Dairies is a natural partner because – like us – they value sustainability and are excited to contribute to our state’s energy diversity with this carbon-neutral fuel source,” said O’Connor.

Alliance Dairies is committed to using its byproducts in beneficial ways, from recycling water and sand to generating power from methane.

“We are firm believers in renewable resources and have long incorporated sustainability into our operations,” said Jan Henderson, Alliance Dairies farm manager. “We are proud to partner with Peoples Gas to help us continue to make good use of our byproducts. This RNG facility is the next level of ‘going green’ for the dairy and the community.”

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