Baker Hughes to Develop Carbon Capture Tech with HIF Global

(Reuters) — Oilfield services provider Baker Hughes Co. said on Tuesday it would develop technology for direct air capture (DAC) of carbon dioxide with synthetic fuel maker HIF Global.

The partnership intends to test unit Mosaic Materials' technology to accelerate DAC deployment at commercial scale, Baker Hughes said.

Synthetic fuel, or eFuel, is produced by combining carbon dioxide extracted from the atmosphere with hydrogen and it can be used in existing vehicles without any modifications.

HIF has an eFuel facility in Chile and it expects to begin construction of another at Texas in 2024. It anticipates possible deployment of Baker's technology at these sites.

The partnership, "accelerates our plan to capture 25 million tons per year of CO2 and combine it with green hydrogen to produce 150,000 barrels per day of eFuels and decarbonize over 5 million vehicles in use today," HIF Chief Executive Cesar Norton said in a statement.

Energy companies like Occidental Petroleum Corp. are increasing investments in DAC technology as a way to help combat global warming.

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