API Releases New Standard for Public Engagement in Pipeline Operations

(P&GJ) — The American Petroleum Institute (API) unveiled a significant development in pipeline operations with the publication of its new standard for public engagement. The standard, titled API Recommended Practice (RP) 1185, Pipeline Public Engagement, aims to foster proactive, inclusive, and collaborative communication throughout the lifecycle of pipeline construction and operation.

RP 1185 provides comprehensive guidelines and best practices for pipeline companies to enhance stakeholder engagement. This includes facilitating dialogue with local officials, tribal representatives, community leaders, landowners, and pipeline operators. The framework encourages meaningful involvement of all stakeholders to ensure transparency and understanding in pipeline activities.

Shawn Lyon, co-chair of RP 1185 and senior vice president of Logistics and Storage at MPLX GP LLC, emphasized the industry's commitment to building trust and engagement with communities. Lyon stated, "RP 1185 acknowledges the diversity of both the pipeline industry and the communities in which we operate, providing a flexible, scalable framework to incorporate proactive community engagement into our pipeline safety culture."

The development of RP 1185 was a collaborative effort involving public members, industry stakeholders, and government representatives. Carl Weimer, Special Advisor at Pipeline Safety Trust, praised the document's emphasis on two-way communication and inclusivity, affirming its importance in pipeline safety discussions.

Alan Mayberry, Associate Administrator for Pipeline Safety at the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration, commended the consensus-based effort behind RP 1185. Mayberry highlighted the importance of public understanding and engagement in pipeline safety.

Anchal Liddar, Senior Vice President of API Global Industry Services, underscored API's commitment to advancing industry standards for responsible and safe operations. Liddar stated, "The best practices and guidelines outlined in RP 1185 are the latest way API is raising the bar for safety, environmental performance, and operational excellence for the oil and natural gas industry."

RP 1185 builds upon previous stakeholder guidelines in API RP 1173, Pipeline Safety Management Systems, and reflects the industry's dedication to continuous improvement. By promoting proactive and inclusive engagement, RP 1185 sets a new standard for responsible pipeline development and operations.

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