NJ Natural Gas Implements First Carbon Capture Units in State, Aiming for Greener Operations

(P&GJ) — New Jersey Natural Gas (NJNG), a subsidiary of New Jersey Resources, has recently installed two CarbinX carbon-capture systems at its headquarters in Wall, N.J., marking a significant step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state. These innovative units, developed by CleanO2 based in Canada, represent the first of their kind in New Jersey.

Each CarbinX unit, roughly the size of two residential refrigerators, is integrated into NJNG's HVAC system. They function by capturing carbon emissions that would otherwise be released as flue exhaust from the building. Additionally, the units improve the efficiency of the facility's water heater by converting waste heat into heated water, thereby reducing water heater usage, emissions, and energy costs.

NJNG's decision to adopt these carbon capture units aligns with its broader decarbonization strategy, aiming to lower emissions from its operations and support New Jersey's climate objectives. Patrick Migliaccio, NJNG's Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, emphasized the importance of innovation in achieving climate goals affordably and reliably.

The CarbinX technology transforms captured carbon emissions into a non-toxic solid known as pearl ash, which can be repurposed for various applications, including commercial products and durable building materials.

NJNG is collaborating with a third party to monitor and evaluate the real-world benefits of these systems comprehensively. This data will not only inform customers about the technology's potential but also aid policymakers in understanding its role in increasing efficiency and reducing emissions.

NJNG's carbon-capture initiative reflects its commitment to sustainability and reliability in building a cleaner energy future. The company's efforts extend beyond carbon capture, encompassing significant investments in energy efficiency programs, the adoption of lower-carbon energy solutions, and collaborations with academic and industry research organizations.

This project underscores the importance of distributed carbon-capture technology in helping natural gas customers manage and reduce energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions. NJNG's pioneering installation of CarbinX units signifies a practical step towards building a greener and more sustainable energy infrastructure in New Jersey.

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