June 2017, Vol. 244, No. 6

What's New

What's New

StraightLine HDD

StraightLine HDD implemented an upgrade to its popular Performix Mud Mix System. At the heart of the system is the centrifugal pump, which generates laminar flow and features an upgraded silicon-carbide shaft seal. Compared to traditional ceramic seals, the new seal represents a considerable advancement in resiliency when subjected to the highly abrasive elements present in mud mixing. In field testing, silicon carbide seals improve service life by a factor of three over ceramic seals, the company said. The Performix pump retains its lubricated housing feature, which protects the pump seal from mechanical damage if the pump ever runs dry. The new seal is a direct, no-modification required, replacement to the existing ceramic seal. www.straightlinehdd.com

GfG Instrumentation

GfG Instrumentation reported the G450 multi-gas detector and G400 MP-2 motorized smart pump have completed MSHA approval which extends to the alkaline and rechargeable versions. Federal regulations require MSHA approval for gas detectors used in gassy underground mines and other regulated sites. Several states have similar requirements for gas detectors used in tunnel and underground construction projects. The approval is based on rigorous design review and performance testing conducted at the MSHA Approval and Certification Center. The approval process is recognized as one of the world’s most demanding gas detection product evaluations. www.goodforgas.com

Ditch Witch®

Designed to conquer a variety of complex landscape and irrigation projects, Ditch Witch®, a Charles Machine Works Company, introduced the SK1550 – its largest and most powerful mini skid steer model. The SK1550 is powered by a 44-hp (32.8-kW) Tier 4 Yanmar® diesel engine and directs 34.5 hp (25.7 kW) to the attachment, allowing the machine to complete tasks typically suited for traditional skid steer loaders, including tree-handling and sod transfer. Equipped with an available auxiliary flow control with low, medium and high settings, operators can adjust to attachment flow and run attachments at their most efficient rate, regardless of the project. The machine offers a leading 1,558-lb-rated (708-kg) operating capacity to lift heavier loads – over 50% higher capacity than all other mini skid steers in its size class. With a 94-inch (2.4-m) hinge-pin height, the SK1550 offers flexibility for loading and unloading material on a wide range of dump sites. www.ditchwitch.com


The ROSEN Group introduced its Cleaning EcoSpeed service for high-velocity gas pipelines, which equips cleaning tools with a speed reduction valve that enables them to slow to speeds typically between 3-5 m/s without a corresponding reduction in product throughput. After deployment and retrieval of the tools, field service technicians analyze the run performance and cleaning efficiency, optimize tool setup where necessary for subsequent runs, and refurbish and maintain the tools for future use. The mechanical valve achieves smooth run conditions, thanks to an active valve system that allows product bypass through the tool body. The service is available for various diameters and the valve can also be used in dual and multi-diameter configurations. www.rosen-group.com

Miller Electric

Miller Electric Manufacturing added two models to its lineup of TIG welding solutions. The new Dynasty 400 and Maxstar 400 welders deliver up to 400 amps of output power and exceptional TIG and stick-welding performance for applications such as pipe and tube fabrication, precision fabrication and exotic material fabrication. Replacing the Dynasty 350 model, the Dynasty 400 power source is AC/DC TIG-stick-capable and welds up to 5/8-inch-thick aluminum and steel in a single pass. The DC TIG-stick-capable Maxstar 400 – replacing the Maxstar 350 model – welds up to 5/8-inch-thick steel in a single pass. Each standalone power source includes the Cooler-On-Demand™ feature, which operates the auxiliary cooling system only when needed, resulting in reduced noise, energy use and airborne contaminants pulled through the cooler. The added Pro-Set™ feature eliminates guesswork when setting weld parameters so the machine is faster to set up and easier to use. www.MillerWelds.com.

TT Technologies

Burst and replace water, sewer, gas and other pipes with the Grundoburst static pipe bursting system from TT Technologies. The system can pull in a variety of replacement pipe including PVC, DIP, ABS, cast-iron, fusion-welded HDPE and VCP jacking pipe. It uses a specially designed bladed cutter head to make bursting ductile iron and steel pipe possible. Pulled by a hydraulic bursting unit, the cutter head’s special cutting wheels split the host pipe. An attached expander spreads and displaces the split pipe into the surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new pipe. Patented QuickLock bursting rods are linked together not threaded. This saves time, prevents twisting and extends the life of the cutter head over threaded bursting rods. Six Grundoburst models are available for bursting 2-through 54-inch pipes and larger.  www.tttechnologies.com


A plant’s objective is to attain maximum economic benefit and service life from existing equipment without sacrificing integrity, which requires accurate assessment of its equipment. ASME’s new “Pressure Vessels and Piping Failures: Causes, Mitigation and Repair” learning program offers a choice of six different case study workshops, each addressing the fundamentals of a damage mechanism, their causes and characteristics, method of inspection to detect damage extent and the methods and criteria to evaluate the component’s fitness-for-service. Rules and application of ASME and API Codes as well as other industry regulations are discussed in making run-or-repair decisions. The workshops will be held Aug. 9-11 in conjunction with ASME Boiler Code Week in Minneapolis, MN. www.asme.org.


The new Volvo PL4809E rotating pipelayer is built upon an excavator-based platform that offers greater productivity and versatility than traditional sideboom-dozer-type pipelayers. The PL4809E is equipped with the latest D13J Tier 4 Final engine, boasting higher horsepower, increased torque and hydraulic flow, and improved fuel efficiency for better performance at lower operating cost vs. the preceding D-Series model. The platform provides 360-degree swing capacity which reduces positioning time when laying pipe. This versatile machine can be converted into a standard excavator in 4.5 hours, and hydraulics are perfectly matched to both lifting and digging, ensuring no loss in power for either application. The Load Management System enables operators to monitor slope inclinations, boom angle, orientation and load to ensure safe working load. With grouped filters and greasing points, as well as remote monitoring via CareTrack® – the Volvo telematics system – the PL4809E is easy to maintain. www.volvoce.com/na.


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