May 2019, Vol. 246, No. 5

Tech Notes

Haydale Delivers Transition Pipe Sealing System to National Grid UK

Haydale produced and delivered eight general transition, piece-sealing systems to National Grid UK and has received interest for an additional 60 over the next six years. 

This first commercial order is for transitions across two sites on the U.K. gas transmission network. 

This lightweight, removeable composite general transition piece (GTP) is used for sealing around a pipeline where it passes through concrete walls, such as inspection pits, across a multitude of utilities including gas, water and oil and gas. This allows for enough time to provide cost-effective inspection and repair at pipe transitions. 

Paul Ogden, a senior civil engineer with National Grid, said the change will “significantly improve safety as well as creating savings of up to £5 million [$6.53 million] in the next five to 10 years, with further savings beyond that.” 

Using the conventional cast-concrete method proves costly as seals degrade over time, allowing ground-water and fine material to flow through the transition, potentially causing damage to the pipe and its coating, the company said. Inspection and replacement are also time and labor intensive, and safety becomes an issue due to the increased use of heavy machinery on-site. 

Haydale’s GTP lightweight system has been jointly developed with National Grid through its innovation initiative. The GTP provides sealing around the pipe for up to 50 years and allows pipe transitions to be inspected by a two-man crew, without the need for excavation, demolition or lifting equipment.

 Haydale said the removable composite GTP system is a huge step forward in safety and efficiency for utility providers. 

“With such a novel, advantageous innovation, it is not surprising to see our GTP system move from research and development to commercialization so quickly,” said Keith Broadbent, managing director composites. “We look forward to working with more utilities companies, globally.” P&GJ

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