December 2022, Vol. 249, No. 12


Editor's Notebook

Editor’s Notebook: The Digital Future Is Now

(P&GJ) — For the past 163 years, Pipeline & Gas Journal has arrived in our readers’ mailboxes each month without fail. This, however, the December issue, will be our final printed edition of the magazine. Rest assured, though, we are not going away – not by a long shot.


FERC Rejects Environmental Concerns About Gas Pipeline Projects

(P&GJ) — The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) continues to dispatch environmental objections to pipeline projects. Even Chairman Richard Glick, who had originally made reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions his guiding light, is turning a deaf ear.


Denmark’s Orsted Signs Deal for Norwegian Gas via Baltic Pipe

(P&GJ) — Orsted AS signed a deal for natural gas from the Norwegian North Sea to be delivered through the newly constructed Baltic Pipe, cushioning the effect of Russian cuts on Danish energy markets, the company said.

Exporting LNG: Support Infrastructure Grows with Transition

(P&GJ) — Shattering the usual August silence in Washington, D.C., when Congress was in its summer recess, lawmakers this year found a way to pass their self-described Inflation Reduction Act, which includes parts that will bolster the prospect for added U.S. LNG exports.

Repurposing Gas Networks Key to Fulfill Europe’s Hydrogen Ambitions

(P&GJ) — The European Union (EU) has set a target of 11 million tons (10 million tonnes) of renewable hydrogen production domestically by 2030 in a bid to replace fossil fuels in hard-to-abate sectors such as heavy industry and transport.

PRCI President’s Report: Celebrating 70 Years, Looking to the Future

(P&GJ) — The founding of the Pipeline Research Committee (PRC) within the American Gas Association in 1952 was a key stepping stone for the natural gas pipeline industry. When a small group of pipeline engineers came together seeking solutions for one key issue facing the industry, they already knew that they were not able to solve the problem individually.

Looking Back at the Top 10 Midstream Stories of 2022

(P&GJ) — In this year-ending issue of P&GJ, the staff, along with a little help from its readers, has taken a look back at the frequently volatile year that was 2022. As was the case during the previous 12 months, the year brought its share of anxiety as we in the energy industry – midstream in particular – worked to adjust to the global demand for natural gas, following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Cross-Border Pipelines Seen as More Critical to Africa’s Future

(P&GJ) — Africa’s domestic demand for both oil and gas is estimated at 75% of the region’s total production, creating opportunity for development of efficient cross-border pipeline networks to ship fuels aimed at plugging the deficit especially to landlocked countries.

APGA Chairman Remains Focused on Safety, Advocacy

(P&GJ) — As a retired Army Colonel with over 40 years of practical operational and logistics experience, John Olshefski, the Chairman of the Board for the American Public Gas Association (APGA), has all the skills required to lead the organization.

Digital Transformation in Midstream Oil and Gas

(P&GJ) — A lack of up-to-date digital capabilities has stymied American industries for years. Midstream oil and gas is no exception and has repeatedly shown that it needs accelerated change to succeed.

Methane Emissions Problem Requires Better Monitoring

(P&GJ) — In 2021, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration measured methane in the atmosphere at 1,900 parts per billion. That was a record high and almost three times the level of methane present in the preindustrial age.

Hydrogen Takeoff Grounded in Safe Pigging Operations

(P&GJ) — As a critical medium for storing and transporting large volumes of renewably produced energy over long distances, hydrogen is expected to help fuel the drive to net-zero emissions. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), over the next 25 years, hydrogen demand is expected to grow six-fold from today’s levels.

Understanding, Implementing New TSA Pipeline Directive

(P&GJ) — The U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) made a significant change to its security directive for owners and operators of hazardous liquid and natural gas pipeline and liquified natural gas facilities, with the goal “to reduce the risk that cybersecurity threats pose to critical pipeline systems.”

Identifying Pipeline Exposure via River Scour Monitoring Technology

(P&GJ) — Erosion and scouring, among other sources, can lead to pipeline exposure when pipelines cross bodies of water. Even if these pipelines were adequately covered at one time, they are at risk for partial or full exposure due to water actions.

Predictive Corrosion Modeling – Rise of the Machines

(P&GJ) — Pipelines play an important role in the international transportation of natural gas, petroleum products and other energy resources. To ensure pipeline operational safely, instrumented inspections and assessments are completed on a recurring frequency.

Using Regulation to Develop Natural Gas Systems

(P&GJ) — Engineering design serves as a fundamental pillar of the lifecycle of an engineering project. The fundamentals of engineering design use industry standards combined with federal, state and municipal codes to produce a construction-ready engineering package.

P&GJ Awards Winners: Midstream Honors Innovations, Other Accomplishments

(P&GJ) — An elite group of midstream professionals gathered in Houston at the Westin Galleria Hotel the evening of Nov. 17 to attend the second Pipeline & Gas Journal Awards gala, which honored the industry’s leading innovations and outstanding personal contributions.


TC Energy Hires Allseas to Lay 445 Miles of Offshore Gas Pipeline

TC Energy Hires Allseas to Lay 445 Miles of Offshore Gas Pipeline, Pipeline Operator Plains All American Raises 2022 Profit Forecast, Open Season Launched for NG Storage Services at Freeport Hub, Enbridge Approves Expansion of Southern B.C. Pipeline System and more.


People in the News December 2022

People in the News December 2022

Companies in the News December 2022

Companies in the News December 2022

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Associations in the News December 2022

What's New

What's New December 2022

RegO, Enduro, Netzsch, Takeuchi, Esco Tool and more.

Spotlight on Utilities

FERC Rejects Environmental Concerns About Gas Pipeline Projects

(P&GJ) — TCO Gas and Pipelines (ATCO) continually innovates to reduce emissions and provide clean energy to its customers. In 2018, the company kicked off its decarbonization plan in a review of its different business units to understand where opportunities existed to reduce emissions across their operations to meet their ambitious environmental, social, and governance (ESG) targets.