Petroleum Economist Hosting Annual LNG to Power Forum in Houston

(P&GJ) — Petroleum Economist will host its 4th annual LNG to Power Forum Americas in Houston, highlighting the evolving role of LNG in global markets as well as the shift away from oil-fired generation. New for 2022, the forum will now take a deep dive into Central and South America.

The forum will unite delegates and attendees from around the world on Dec. 8 at The Magnolia Houston.

Panel discussion will examine how U.S. LNG's position in the world market has altered considerably recently and with expectations for that to continue as the Russian invasion of Ukraine exacerbates Europe's already pressing gas problems. With several contracts being negotiated for ongoing and upcoming projects, not just with European or portfolio players, this presents new potential for US exporters. Asian purchasers are likewise taking the risk in order to acquire North American supply in a competitive global market.

Speakers at the event will cover the range of LNG-to-power projects being built to replace oil-fired production or lessen reliance on hydropower as well as to ambitious wind and solar targets. However, despite the fuel's potential to reduce emissions, high and unstable pricing on the worldwide LNG market make it less appealing. In a time of global shortage, the political and economic risks of switching to gas will also be closely examined.

Partners for the event include Exxon Mobil, King & Spalding and Global Energy Infrastructure.

For general information or to register to attend the forum, please click here.

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