October 2016, Vol. 243, No. 10


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An overview of pipeline company news from our October 2016 issue.

Editor's Notebook

Building New Pipeline Infrastructure: Always About the Politics

It’s always been about the politics. If only we could return to those peaceful days of yesteryear when we dutifully met all of the requirements to build a pipeline, constructed it without incident, and covered it up never to be seen again. This is no longer the case. With climate change as their m..


Advanced Mobile Leak Survey Technology: An Operator’s Perspective

A pipeline operator gives his perspective on advanced mobile leak survey technology for pipeline inspections of construction projects.

As Pennsylvania Pipelines Age, Role of Corrosion in Accidents Examined

Thirty years of watching metal fail, often spectacularly, and Mehrooz Zamanzadeh has developed some go-to mantras. “Mother Nature doesn’t like what she didn’t make,” he likes to say. That means when a man-made object is exposed to the environment – say, a metal pipeline is buried in soil – that en..

Cleaning, Maintaining, Inspecting all Part of a Day’s Work

Pipeline cleaning on the rise due to regulations and cost effectiveness.

Cost-Efficient Pipeline Fixes with Zero Downtime

Live pipeline repair and intervention can reduce risk, help maintain product supply and limit economic liabilities that could occur when removing or replacing pipeline sections. Disruption to product delivery can have huge consequences if a pipeline operator has a contractual obligation to keep gas ..

Costs of Pipeline Obstructionism

Canada faces multiple challenges in its natural resource sector. World oil prices have fallen by more than 50% over the last two years. American oil and gas production have surged and threaten to reduce demand for Canadian oil in its largest (and essentially only) foreign market. Because of a lack ..

Drilling Deep for Increased Safety

Drilling deep helps pipeline operator increase safety.

Enbridge-Spectra Mega-Deal Points to Further Midstream Diversity

Enbridge's acquisition of Spectra Energy another example of how pipeline companies are diversifying their portfolios in difficult economic conditions.

French Pipeline Strategy Moves Ahead

France moves forward with pipeline construction projects.

How Domestic Natural Gas Production Bolsters U.S. Economy

America's increasing natural gas production is helping the economy, but more pipeline construction projects are needed to support the rise in production.

How Pipeline Isolation Tools Save Time and Money

How Isolation tools save pipeline operators time and money.

Integration of Engineering-Based Integrity Management Program

How to integrate an engineering-based pipeline integrity program that meets regulations.

Management Remains Key Issue in Pipeline Safety

Ensuring the safety of a pipeline construction project requires an effective management system.

Reasonable Rates of Return Benefits Pipelines and Shippers Alike

Pipeline regulations could be impacted by a recent court decision.

Record Earthquake Threatens Oil and Gas Industry in Oklahoma

Record-setting earthquake represents a threat to Oklahoma's oil and gas industry.

Safest Way to Perform Integrity Assessments

Pipeline operators and integrity engineers are facing increasing pressure from regulatory authorities and environmental groups to guarantee pipeline network integrity. This is why it is so important to understand the condition of their assets and perform the necessary inspections to correct potentia..


NAESB 3.0 Compliance for Natural Gas Pipelines

Trellis Energy develops the first technology to achieve NAESB 3.0 compliance for natural gas pipelines.

What’s New

A look at new products and services for those dealing with pipeline inspection, construction and maintenance.



An overview of new pipeline regulations and ruling made by governmental agencies from our October 2016 issue.

In The News

In the News

An overview of America's pipeline news from our October 2016 issue.

World News

A look at pipeline news across the globe.



An overview of worldwide pipeline construction projects from our October 2016 issue.


Legal Tips on Planning Natural Gas Pipeline Projects

Legal expert provides tips for planning natural gas pipeline construction projects.


Inside Iraq: Stringent Security Required for First Inline Inspection

Before performing a pipeline inspection in Iraq, TD Williamson implemented strict security measures.