May 2017, Vol. 244, No. 5

What's New

What's New


Battelle offers a solution to predicting when axial cracks can occur in a pipeline. The Columbus, OH research center has released PipeAssess PITM Axial Crack Software designed for oil and gas pipeline companies to meet critical industry requirements and simplify decision-making. The software incorporates important simulation elements such as user-defined hydrostatic tests, operating pressure profiles and attribute inputs (including pipe geometry, material properties and crack geometry) to provide more complete and accurate life prediction, compared to other software solutions. It provides reliable, physics-based modeling and prediction for axial crack growth in standard line pipe sizes and grades, including pipes made of brittle, quasi-brittle and ductile steels. It considers multiple mechanisms for crack growth, including time-dependent cracking during hydrostatic tests and fatigue cracking due to pressure cycles. A demo for PipeAssess PI™ is available for download. 

Metegrity, Inc. 

Metegrity Pipeline Enterprise is among the most advanced pipeline construction data capture systems on the market and has been deployed by Enbridge on its Norelite Diluent Pipeline project. PE captures the construction stage of new projects, gathering daily data from the field through iPads and Windows-based PCs. It provides up-to-date information on any project worldwide, such as clearing rights-of-way, trenching, staging, welding, LEMS, cleanup and turnover. Non-destructive testing/examination and survey results are also captured. Because it is a relational database app and not PDF or Excel files sitting in SharePoint, customers can quickly identify “bad actors,” and do trending, planning, re-scheduling, business intelligence, etc. on all ongoing pipeline construction projects.

Hobart Institute

The Hobart Institute of Welding Technology (HIWT) opened the Next Generation welder learning facility on its Troy, OH campus. The 16,000-square-foot site features three technically advanced classrooms that contain high-tech, audio-visual training aids. It houses a dedicated non-destructive laboratory and classroom for hands-on liquid penetrant and magnetic particle inspection and training. A large welder-performance qualification laboratory for destructive testing is included.

Performance Pipe

Performance Pipe, a division of Chevron Phillips Chemical, offers a new polyethylene (PE) pipe with capabilities that improve abrasion resistance in industrial and energy applications such as mining, oil and gas gathering. DriscoPlex® 4800 Series PE pipe is manufactured from high-quality medium-density polyethylene (MDPE) that conforms to ASTM F714 and D3350. Testing has demonstrated that the pipe provides at least 30% greater abrasion resistance, compared to other high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes tested, translating to longer service life in these application areas. It is more than four times as resistant to slow crack growth compared to the PE4710 requirement, and offers less stiffness and greater ductility. Combined with reduced weight, this aids in field handing/installation. DriscoPlex® 4800 Series MDPE pipe is available in a full range of sizes, pressure capabilities, molded and fabricated fittings.

Interprovincial Corrosion Control  

Interprovincial Corrosion Control offers its latest Rustrol® product line development: Rustrol® Gradient Control Systems™ (GCS) is an advancement based on accepted industry standards that can be installed to primary metallic structures such as pipelines. GCS offers a maintenance-free grounding/safety grid capable of reducing and preventing potential shock hazards to personnel and equipment. GCS are designed to eliminate “step and touch” shock hazards, limit the risk of AC corrosion and maintain coating stress voltages within acceptable limits. The Rustrol® DC-DecouplerTM Model: DCD-ATEX is innovative by design – DC isolation is achieved and AC coupling is maintained, ensuring electrical grounding criteria remains effective. It is an economical alternative for light/moderate (i.e., non-continuous) exposure of lightning, AC mitigation/discharge and AC fault current. It is the only DC decoupling device to be certified under the IECEx Scheme and European Directive 2014/34/EU (ATEX) for intended use in gas and dust explosive atmospheres. It is CQPSUS certified for use in Class I, Division 2, Groups A, B, C and D Hazardous (Classified) locations in compliance with the latest North American product safety standards (UL, ISA and CSA).


The McElroy Acrobat – a hydraulic butt fusion machine, originally designed for the plumbing and mechanical industry – is available for the underground construction market. Priced competitively, the Acrobat 180 is an easy-to-use machine that butt fuses 63-180mm (2-inch IPS to 6-inch DIPS) HDPE pipe and fittings with several pressure ratings. With its light weight, it can be carried from joint to joint yet maintains rugged reliability. Acrobat 180 is designed for in-ditch work and tie-in fusions, and provides a cost-effective alternative to electrofusion. It functions in tight work spaces by removing the base and converting the carriage from four to three jaws. The top jaws can be removed for easier manipulation around pipe and fittings. Two hydraulic power unit (HPU) options are available to provide fusion pressures up to 800 psi or 1,500 psi. Acrobat 180 is compatible with the DataLogger® for joint reporting and quality assurance. Included is a five-year warranty.

Sentry Equipment

Sentry Equipment redesigned its Sentry® Saf-T-Vise® corrosion monitoring portfolio to include a low-pressure, value-priced model that is hand-inserted 1,000 psi and below. The new portfolio enables chemical engineers and field technicians to maximize production, mitigate materials failure in pipelines and processing equipment while optimizing chemical usage to help ensure maximum uptime of their pipeline and associated equipment. The products include a patented locking collet that safely secures the shaft within the process stream until released by the operator. An integrated safety cap or chain is included, depending on the model. Designed and manufactured in accordance with ASME B31.3, the product line offers the oil and gas industry a simpler way to configure corrosion monitoring and chemical optimization products compliant with industry specifications, as well as custom-designed solutions for applications for maximum versatility, durability and safety.

Esco Tool

A portable pipe beveling tool for preparing torched-off or rough cut pipe ends, making them perfectly square in order to help create high-integrity welded pipe joints is available from Esco Tool. The Terminator MILLHOG® Pipe Beveling Tool attaches to the I.D. and features a tracker that compensates for variations in the pipe’s wall thickness to maintain a precision bevel and has a dual-spring safety hanger to simplify the alignment of larger pipe. Ideally suited for pipeline construction, it can produce any angle of bevel, face, and counter bore simultaneously. Designed for prepping pipe from 8-5/8-inch I.D. up to 36-inch O.D., the tool has an adjustable tool holder that indexes and locks for easy setup. Equipped with user-selectable formed TiN coated tool bits, it comes with a 5-hp pneumatic motor or an optional hydraulic motor and produces a thick chip without requiring cutting fluids.

Remote GeoSystems, Inc.

Remote GeoSystems has released the all-new LineVision™ Google Earth Extension – commercial software for UAV, airborne and terrestrial mobile inspection and survey projects requiring georeferenced video playback, analysis, collaboration and reporting, using Google Earth and other GIS applications. Unlike its standalone predecessor, the new LineVision Google Earth is a true application extension and gives users the full functionality of native Google Earth, including Pro edition. In addition to video, users can import oblique photos and KML data from survey and inspection projects.



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