October 2017, Vol. 244, No. 10

What's New

What's New

Hawk Measurement

Hawk has developed a pipeline leak-detection system using an infield fiber-optics cable which points out a leak and provides accurate location of any potential leakage, allowing for rapid infield assessment and repair. Part of Hawk’s solution involves the combination of multiple-measured variables within the one cable such as sound, temperature and vibration, allowing the system to automatically cross reference and remove false signals.  Through the use of multi-variable sensing, a single Fiber Optic System (FOS) is capable of detecting temperature changes, sound and vibration caused by leaks or third-party intrusion and change in stress do to bending or lost support. The system can seamlessly integrate into an existing digital control system or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA). www.hawkmeasure.com.


StraightLine HDD acquired Armadrillco® and is adapting the company’s Armadrillco transmitter housing to the RockEye® Hammer System. Adapting Armadrillco side-load housing technology gives users easy access to electronics, larger capacity fluid/air passages and improved durability. The housing’s Arma-Loc® system is a field-proven design that offers quick access to electronics by virtue of removing a single pin. Free from threads, the Arma-Loc system virtually eliminates problems associated with damaged or over-torqued bolts as well as vibration-induced lid failure. Working in tandem with the Arma-Loc lid security system, a patented urethane and O-ring system is designed to seal and protect the sonde cavity from fluid/debris infiltration. The system also forms a cushioned platform that shields electronics from punishing vibration and heat produced by a hammer.  www.straightlinehdd.com.


CDI signed a partnership agreement with Subsea Technology & Rentals (STR) to provide clients with a permanent hire fleets located in the UK. The large fleets of equipment is comprised of surface and subsea pipeline pig-tracking equipment, available in Great Yarmouth and Aberdeen. These fleets feature the company’s latest remotely operated vehicle (ROV) tracking system, the MANTIS 820, and a huge variety of electromagnetic (EM) transmitters, including eight models with ATEX rating that are fully supported locally by STR. The MANTIS 820 can be used to track moving pigs, locate stuck pigs or set up tripwire to monitor for slippage or other movements of pigs. It can detect industry-standard 22 Hz and CDI TRAXALL transmission frequencies. www.cdi.com.


McElroy added two rental houses to stock its expanding line of polypropylene machines and tools. Consolidated Pipe & Supply of Lawrenceville, GA and R&B Company of San Jose, CA are now officially certified McElroy Rental locations, providing operator training, customer service and support with McElroy-trained mechanics and instructors. McElroy expanded into the polypropylene field in 2012 with the release of the Spider® 125 socket fusion tool. This quickly sparked a line of polypropylene fusion equipment that now ranges from 16-mm socket tooling all the way up to 630-mm butt fusion machines. McElroy expects a 50% increase in sales by the end of 2017, compared to 2014 sales. www.mcelroy.com.


ATI completed an installation of its gas motor actuator at a gathering station in Oklahoma for Semgas, resulting in the company ordering 28 additional actuators for its pig-launching applications. Semgas, which operates in the Midwest and West Texas, had previously outfitted its launcher/receiver systems with conventional low-pressure scotch yoke actuators on ball valves. They experienced actuator-operating problems when unseating the valve, impacting pig travel within the line. The ATI gas motor design uses pipeline gas to drive a motor direct-mounted to a gear train. This installation also used a local auto-manual control module based on dual poppet valve control. The simple design, lighter weight, compactness, reduces gas consumption and increases operating efficiency. http://www.atiactuators.com.

P.Z. Projects

Israel’s P.Z. Projects is launching a software platform that allows registering of transactions between companies active in the global natural gas sector. The platform has been tested by several leading players in the gas market. Both consumers and marketing companies can list buying proposals to establish direct contact with potential partners and fully document the trade within the system after negotiations are conducted by the parties outside of the platform. A gas consumer interested in selling surplus gas can list the volume, asking price and time when the gas will be available. Beyond the initial development of the program, P.Z. Projects can customize the program to fit the customer as part of maintenance and upgrading agreements. www.projects.org.il.


Katex Ltd recently began promoting the Novotest range of hardness testers into the UK market. The latest models consist of the T-D3 for just Leeb measurement, the T-U3 for ultrasonic contact impedance (UCI) measurement and the T-UD3 for measurement using both methods. The UCI probe measures hardness of small items, objects with a thin wall, complex forms and the hardness of surface hardened layers. While the Leeb method is used for measuring the hardness of non-ferrous metals, cast iron, coarse-grained materials and larger products. All gauges have a full color screen, data-logging and an integral camera to capture images of the test piece. The simple-to-use, accurate hardness testers are supplied as complete kits with dedicated data-logging software and various probe options for different applications. www.katex.co.uk.

John Deere

The John Deere-designed and manufactured 1050K pipelayer-ready crawlers are available for customers looking to get a lift on the competition. The 1050K pipelayer is available in two configurations for 170,000 pounds (PL170) and 220,000 pounds (PL220) of maximum lift capacity. The 350 hp 1050K PL models boast a dual-path hydrostatic transmission that delivers more precise movement and control along the trench. Additionally, electrohydraulic controls enable exceptionally fine metering when placing the pipe. The machines feature a bolt-on/pin-up design that simplifies sideboom installation, improving reliability and reducing setup times. A purpose-built pipelayer cab integrates an electrohydraulic joystick for precise one-handed control of the load line, boom and counterweight. A large roof-mounted skylight provides operators with a clear view of the boom. www.JohnDeere.com.

Applus+ RVIS

Applus+ RVIS introduced the CU 24 crane for inspection of pipe racks and infrastructure at heights of up to  78 feet (24 meters). The camera is a high-definition model with 21 MP and 50x optical zoom. It is also rain-resistant. It comes in a package engineered for remote maneuverability from the mobile media control van. Inspectors can process, record and optionally transmit in real-time high-resolution inspection images and videos of hard-to-reach spots. The CU 24 is the safest, fastest and most cost-effective visual inspection tool for assets such as pipe rack, site infrastructures and civil structures. www.applusrvis.com.


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