May 2020, Vol. 247, No. 5

What's New

What's New


Cortec Corporation announced that its Cor-Pak® 1-MUL Pouches are now available in the 8-MUL format for eight times the corrosion protection volume previously offered. The pouches work exactly the same as Cor-Pak 1-MUL, but instead of only protecting 1 cubic foot (0.03 m3) of space, the 8-MUL offers enough corrosion protection for ferrous or nonferrous metals packaged or stored in up to 8 cubic feet (0.23 m³) of enclosed space. These are easy to insert manually or automatically into cardboard, plastic, metal or wood containers where efficient corrosion protection is needed.



TT Technologies

TT Technologies offers a full line of Grundoram pneumatic pipe-ramming tools for trenchless casing installation. The tools are available in 11 styles, for 4- through 120-inch (101.6- through 3,048-mm) casing installations and can be used in a variety of soil conditions, including rockier soils. During the ramming process, the rammer is attached to the rear of the casing. The tool then drives the pipe through the ground with repeated percussive blows. Ramming has proven effective for horizontal, vertical and angled applications.





Krohne released its OPTIMASS 6400 twin bent-tube Coriolis mass flowmeter, designed for standard liquid and gas applications in the petrochemical and oil and gas industries. It is equipped with a new signal converter that features advanced device and process diagnostics, compliant with NAMUR NE 107. The flowmeter has been approved for custody transfers of both liquids and gases, making it ideal for process industries and specialist applications like liquefied natural gas (LNG), compressed natural gas (CNG), or supercritical gases in terminal or storage/bunkering, along with custody transfer applications. The OPTIMASS 6400  can follow the varying fluid conditions and adapt the tube driver oscillations accordingly. Sizes range from 0.5 to 1 inch (12.7 to 25.4 mm).  It is offered in 316L stainless steel, Hastelloy C22 and duplex steel UNS S31803.




Esco Tool

A portable machine tool for beveling pipe ends with any angle of prep in severe duty piping systems, on-site and in fabrication shops, has been introduced by Esco Tool. The Millhog Commander I.D. clamping pipe beveling tool is a fully portable machine for beveling pipe ends that pulls a thick chip without cutting oils and transfers heat away from the pipe surface to prolong blade life.  The tool centers itself inside the pipe using large clamp pads with six contact points to evenly distribute their holding forces. It is designed for making precision joint preps on super duplex, P-91 and other high-alloy pipes. The tool helps assure high-integrity welds on all schedules of pipe, from 3.75-inch (95.25-mm) inner diameter (I.D.) to 14-inch (355.6-mm) outer diameter (O.D.). It is available with a pneumatic, electric and hydraulic motor, and can perform 37-1/2-degree bevels, compound, counterbore and J-preps.





Antaira Technologies introduced the LEP-301M-KIT. The device was designed to overcome the 328-feet (100-m) limitation of Ethernet. This kit comes with both the near-end (LEP-301M-TX) and the far-end (LEP-301M-RX) for a complete set. The equipment goes beyond simply extending Ethernet by also extending power over Ethernet (PoE) with distances up to 3,280 feet (1,000 m). This makes installing and powering remote PoE/PD devices simple. Devices such as security cameras, wireless access points, alarms, traffic controllers, sensors and tracking devices that are found in traffic management, oil and gas pipelines, and weather tracking could benefit from this technology.





Bergquist unveiled a liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) smart meter equipped with LoRa cloud technology. The new product, the Mesura Smart Meter, from Cavagna Group, benefits both the gas companies and consumers in ensuring the most accurate LPG measurements. The device connects to a cloud platform allowing it to send usage data directly to the LPG utility facility. The smart meter also allows consumers to prepay based on their individual LPG need.





Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT) introduced peripheral sealing plugs for heavy-duty applications, such as immersion in chemicals or exposure to high temperatures. Pipe stopper sealing plugs are manufactured to suit pipe ends or orifices with a 17-inch (432-mm) diameter, extending to 96 inches (2,400 mm). They can also be doubled up for better sealing and more stability inside the pipe, holding back more pressure than the single versions. The plug provides a number of tightening points on its circumference so the seal can be improved locally, particularly in cases of ovality. The plug features a 2-inch (50-mm) center stem threaded to accept a British standard pipe (BSP) screw cap when not in use for draining, pressure testing or purging. 

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