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SITE RG Goes from Strength to Strength in 2020

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Photo: SITE
Photo: SITE

The year 2020 has been a tough year, with challenging market conditions caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Despite this, one Alberta-based integrated services provider business, SITE Resource Group (SITE), continues to thrive. 

SITE, part of Centurion Group, a global rental, infrastructure, and support services business – has over the course of the year, secured several high-value contracts on the country’s largest pipeline projects, including Enbridge Line 3, Trans Mountain and Keystone XL. 

SITE delivers remote access, environmental and infrastructure project management services, and maintenance across Western Canada. The company’s service spans the full lifecycle of energy infrastructure projects, from early-stage survey and access, through to construction and maintenance, as well as reclamation and decommissioning. 

“We’re passionate about working with our clients and partners to innovate and provide solutions for their environmental issues at a competitive cost,” says Trevor Hittel, general manager of SITE. 

At the heart of SITE’s operations is protecting environmental ecosystems while delivering complex projects. The company focuses on enhancing its customers’ performance through continuous improvement in safety, quality and execution.  

SITE works alongside Indigenous groups to help grow and develop local communities. Through working with local businesses and hiring local project staff, SITE’s goal is to create opportunities will last beyond each project.  

Enbridge Line 3 

The company began working on the Enbridge Line 3 in 2015. The project extends for 1,097 miles from Edmonton, Alberta, to Superior, Wis. The scope of the project was extensive and included work on the Regina By-Pass Integrity Project, ecosystem restoration, the installation of over 547 miles (880 km) of temporary farm fencing that is parallel to the right-of-way (ROW), and maintenance work.  

An aerial view of work done along Line 3. (Photo: SITE)
An aerial view of work done along Line 3. (Photo: SITE)

The last five years of work on the pipeline also saw SITE supplying access for the geotechnical rig, as well as the construction of the pipe laydown yards, and maintenance and cleanup of those yards during and after construction. 

SITE additionally completed work on the construction of three pump stations, including earthworks, concrete, and screw and driven pile installation. The company was recently awarded further projects including ROW reclamation and vegetation control demonstrating their success and commitment to the Enbridge Line 3.   

During construction, the company was contracted by the mainline contractors to complete the tackifying of the topsoil windrows and mulch buffer for the ditching. The reclamation of the ROW after the topsoil was replaced included revegetation, grass seeding and straw crimping. Vegetation weed control was managed on the ROW as well. This included herbicide application with ground crews and the use of a helicopter. 

Post-construction, reclamation services for seven of the nine spreads will extend into the next few years. These services include sunken ditch repair, wind and water erosion, vegetation control, and re-seeding any areas that may be deficient. It is important to ensure that pipeline spreads are biodiverse and safe spaces for wildlife, and by careful reclamation, we can ensure they fit into the surrounding landscape.  

Trans Mountain Pipeline 

In addition to the Enbridge Line 3 contract, SITE and its Indigenous joint-venture partners were awarded significant reclamation work on Spreads 1 and 2 on the Trans Mountain pipeline between Alberta and British Columbia earlier this year.  

Trans Mountain is Canada’s only pipeline system transporting oil products to the West Coast, delivering about 300,000 bpd through 715 miles (1,150 km) of pipeline in Alberta and British Columbia, and 69 miles (111 km) of pipeline in Washington state.  

SITE is collaborating with fellow Centurion company Force Copps Piling on the project, a Red Deer-based full-service pile driving company. The scope of work includes screw and driven piling and sheet and king piles installation.  

The work has been completed alongside major partners. According to B.J. Vickery, reclamation lead for the Trans Mountain project, “We had an exceptionally wet summer and challenging field conditions in a few locations. Following Trans Mountain COVID-19 protocols, SITE safely completed their seeding activities during a limited September window.” 

This “can do” attitude, he said, was appreciated, especially because of adjustments made to ongoing construction activity and frequently changing field conditions.  

Keystone XL Pipeline

The third project, awarded in 2020, involved contracts to support work on the Keystone XL Pipeline in both Canada and the U.S. SITE has longstanding involvement with TC Energy and began working with the company on the construction of its Base Keystone System in 2010. 

Following the announcement March 30, 2020 that Keystone XL would be proceeding with construction, SITE began work on the 167-mile (269 km) segment of pipeline in Alberta. 

The contract involves reclamation, restoration of natural vegetation, hydrology and wildlife habitats. Additionally, fencing, clearing and mulching, topsoil windrow erosion tackifying protection, construction of the workforce accommodation camp and equipment laydown yard and COVID-19 disinfecting work were required.

Most recently, SITE was awarded a contract with fellow U.S.-based Centurion company OPG to maintain sections of the Keystone XL ROW in Montana, South Dakota and Nebraska  

Over the past 25 plus years of completing critical reclamation work on large scale pipeline projects, SITE has been positioned to develop different types of industry-changing, green technology initiatives, which have since become common practice in the pipeline industry.  These initiatives include topsoil tackification, straw crimping and mulch buffer, as well as specialized seeding techniques. 

“It’s an exciting time for Canadian energy,” said Roger Didychuk, senior vice president, SITE Resource Group. “Although a tough year is now behind us, we’re looking forward to progressing on these ongoing projects. We’ve created a lot of positive momentum in 2020 and overcame some challenging market conditions to do so. SITE continues to be actively bidding for work in British Columbia on the Coastal Gaslink and the Trans Mountain pipeline project. Looking forward, we are optimistic about the future of SITE.” 

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